Your ERP Plans …

Your ERP Options?


In this post-COVID world, does your ERP system meet all business objectives/needs?

What plans are in place to change current outcome(s)?

How urgent is the need to deliver measurable outcomes?

What steps are in place to enable dynamic improvements?

How robust is the current ERP Roadmap?

The first step to clarify answers to these questions; and refine any existing  ERP roadmap (given the rapid technology changes)  is to initiate an assessment of your current solution capabilities (functional and technical).



Implementation Options


ERP cloud and on-premise platforms

Providing cohesive blueprint solutions for ERP challenges.

Collaborative ERP Cloud and Digital Transformations


In the evolving landscape of business technology, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are pivotal in streamlining processes across various departments.  Collaborations within ERP systems bring together different business functions, integrating them into a unified system to enhance productivity, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.  These collaborations enable real-time data analytics, provide insights into business performance, and facilitate strategic decision-making.



Another important aspect of digital transformation through ERP is the automation of routine tasks.  By automating processes such as inventory management, accounting and customer service, ERP systems not only increase productivity but also reduce the scope for human error.  This shift allows employees to focus on more strategic and creative tasks that require human insight.



The cloud has also dramatically changed the ERP landscape. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer businesses scalability, flexibility, and accessibility that traditional on-premise systems cannot match.  Companies can easily scale their ERP systems to adjust to new business demands without making significant upfront investments in hardware or dealing with complex software deployments.



In the contemporary business environment, digital transformation represents a fundamental rethinking of how an organisation uses technology, processes and people to radically change business performance.  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) collaborations sit at the core of this transformation, offering a more interconnected and streamlined approach to running complex business processes.



The adaptive nature of cloud services ensures that these ERP systems are scalable and can evolve with the changing needs of the business.  The agility provided by a cloud-based ERP system is invaluable for businesses aiming to stay ahead in dynamic markets, making it easier to adopt innovative solutions and incorporate new functionalities as they emerge.  Thus the convergence of ERP with cloud an digital transformation technologies redefines the landscape of business operations, setting a new standard for operational excellence and strategic collaborations.



An assessment is a valuable first step. 



Assessment Info




We specialise in helping organisations across all industries and sectors, optimise their ERP solution through effective organisational design.


Key goal is to provide tailored solutions that align with strategic objectives, drive efficiency and improve overall organisation performance.


By collaborating with CxO level teams we have been able to identify and establish optimal blueprints and strategic roadmaps. 


Relevant factors include:

Executive Buy-in
Strategic Alignment
Holistic Digital Design
Cultural Readiness
Change Management
Budgeting and Cost Control





Our Strategy Services




Our team of experienced consultants understand the unique complexities and challenges facing each business when implementing or upgrading their ERP system.


We work closely with your leadership and implementation teams to orchestrate a smooth transition to any new system. 



Financials (A2R)
Human Capital Management (R2R)
Manufacturing (M2D)
Procurement and Sourcing (S2P)
Projects (A2R)
Supply Chain (O2C)
Process Optimisation
Business Model Adaptability
Continuous Improvement






Functional Options




The constantly evolving pace of technology is significantly expanding technical options. 


Key cloud transition challenges present skills and tools knowledge gaps; such as SOA, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


We offer technical solutions or knowledge transfer to address data migration, integration and customisation options.


Such as:


User Experience

IT Infrastructure Experience

IT Infrastructure Readiness

Technology Stack Compatibility


Customisation vs Standardisation

Integration Capabilities

Open API Framework

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

AI, ML and RPA


ERP Technical Services

Unlock Key ERP Solution Potential with Our Expertise

Our ERP Consulting teams understand the challenges and complexities that businesses face in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. 


We offer comprehensive Oracle and SAP cloud implementation services, helping you harness the power of these advanced technologies to streamline your operations and drive business growth.

What sets us apart is our delivery model, which is built on a team of highly experience consultants.


With deep expertise in both Oracle and SAP technologies, our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and proven track record of success to every project. 


We collaborate closely with you to understand your unique business needs and design tailored solutions that align with business goals.





Oracle is a global leader in enterprise software solutions, providing a broad range of applications and technologies to help business enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve decision-making. 


We have a deep understanding of Oracle’s suite of products; including their Financials, Human Capital Management, Manufacturing (discrete, process and project), Procurement, Projects and Supply Chain Management modules. 


We leverage this expertise to deliver customised solutions and optimise your business processes and drive tangible results.


Assessment Options


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