10-20 day Assessments



Our ERP Assessment Services are designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.   


With a team of experienced professionals and a structured approach, we aim to identify gaps, risks, and improvement opportunities within your ERP environment. 


The 10-20 day ERP Assessment Service Cloud Transformations provides an opportunity to thoroughly examine the ERP system’s functionality, scalability, integration and alignment with your business objectives, we enable you to make informed decisions for optimising your ERP strategy.


ERP Consulting

Short-Term Assessments


Our team of experienced ERP professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your current ERP system and identify areas for improvement or enhancement.   With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, we will deliver actionable recommendations and quick wins to address your immediate needs and drive impactful results.


By leveraging our short-term assignments, clients can benefit from rapid problem-solving, targeted interventions, and accelerated progress towards their ERP goals.   Our agile approach allows us to provide timely and cost-effective solutions, ensuring that businesses can maximise the value of their ERP system in a short period of time. 


Contact us today to learn more about our short-term assignments and how ERP Collaborations can help your business address immediate ERP challenges and achieve quick wins in your ERP implementation journey.



Consulting Options

Typical Benefits


Through our comprehensive assessment process, clients gain valuable insights and solutions to optimise their ERP systems and drive business growth.   Our experienced consultants bring deep expertise and industry knowledge to the table, enabling them to identify opportunities for improvement and deliver tangible results.  


Clients benefit from enhanced efficiency, streamlined processes and improved data accuracy through our assessment services.  By pinpointing areas of inefficiency and recommending targeted strategies, we help clients optimise their ERP systems to align with their organisational goals.   Additionally, our assessments provide valuable insights into industry best practices and emerging trends, empowering clients to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation within their organisations.  


Overall, our assessment services deliver a roadmap for success, guiding clients towards a more efficient, effective, and future-ready ERP system.  By partnering with ERP Collaborations, clients can unlock the full potential of their ERP investments and achieve sustainable growth in today’s competitive business environment.   Contact us today to learn more about how our assessment services can benefit your organisation.



Implementations Info

Focal Points


Our tailored assessment process hones in on specific areas that are essential for optimising ERP systems and driving business value.   These focal points include business processes, data integrity, system integration, user adoption and overall system performance.  


By examining and addressing these focal points, our consultants provide clients with actionable insights and strategic recommendations to enhance their ERP systems.  We identify opportunities for process improvement, data consistency, seamless integration with other systems, and effective user training to ensure maximum ROI on ERP investments.   Through a detailed analysis of these focal points, we help clients build a strong foundation for long-term success and sustained growth.  


Our main assessment page emphasises the importance of focusing on these key areas to unlock the full potential of ERP systems and drive operational excellence.   By partnering with ERP Collaborations and prioritising these focal points, clients can optimise their ERP systems, streamline operations and achieve tangible results that propel their businesses forward.




Functional Options



Post-assessment options are designed to help clients leverage the insights and recommendations generated from the assessment to optimise their ERP systems for sustained growth and innovation. 


Clients can choose from a variety of post-assessment options, including implementation support, system enhancements, training programs, ongoing support services and performance monitoring.   Our expert consultants work closely with clients to develop tailored post-assessment strategies that address specific needs and priorities identified during the assessment process.  


With post-assessment options from ERP Collaborations, clients can continue their ERP optimisation journey with confidence, knowing that they have access to the expertise and resources needed to achieve their business objectives.    Whether it’s implementing new functionalities, refining processes, or enhancing user training, our post-assessment options are designed to support clients every step of the way towards ERP success.






Technical Info




We offer a variety of assessment service packages tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.  Whether you have limited time or require a more in-depth evaluation, our packages provide flexibility and targeted focus.


If you require a more thorough evaluation of your ERP solution, our Standard Assessment package is the right choice.  In just 10 days, we go beyond the basic review and delve deeper into your system’s functionalities, processes and integration capabilities.   This package includes a comprehensive assessment report, a gap analysis, detailed recommendations and an action plan for remediation or stabilisation.





Assessment Benefits


In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, the integration of processes and systems is vital for organisations seeking to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve decision-making capabilities.  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) serves as the gateway to achieving these objectives by seamlessly combining core business functions.


ERP Collaborations’ assessment services are tailored to examine a company’s existing collaborative framework within its ERP ecosystem.   This vital service conducts a comprehensive analysis of how different departments interact with one another and with the ERP system, ensuring that data flows effectively and that the system supports the company’s collaborative needs.






Assessment Outputs



The service begins with critical evaluations of current systems and workflows.  Consultants typically perform an initial analysis to identify any disconnects between departments and the integration capabilities of the current ERP system.  Conducive to boosting efficiency, this analysis also reveals whether the business can leverage existing ERP functionalities better or if additional modules or custom integrations are necessary.


Further, the ERP Collaborations’ assessment involves reviewing the communication pathways between team members.   It might delve into issues such as data accessibility, real-time information exchange and whether your workforce can collaborate within the system from various locations and devices, especially pertinent given the rise of remote work cultures.







Key Assessment Focus



At the core of the ERP Collaborations’ assessment is a desire to drive user adoption and satisfaction.  The service measures how users interact with the ERP system, determines the usability and user-friendliness of the software and proposes enhancements to ensure that the system is as intuitive and efficient as possible.  This approach fosters greater buy-in from staff, decreasing resistance to new technologies and processes.


Moreover, the service examines the technical aspects, including the system’s architecture and framework compatibility with other digital tools.   By doing so, it ensures that the ERP can adapt and scale with the business, anticipating future needs.


Security considerations also form a part of the assessment, encompassing both data integrity and regulatory compliance.   Given the sensitive nature of financial and personal data typically housed within an ERP system, a thorough evaluation of security protocols is indispensable.






Post-Assessment Options



Post-assessment, organisations receive a detailed report with findings and actionable recommendations.  This report typically covers the need for training programs, outlines potential integrations and even offers strategic advice on how to maximise collaboration using the ERP system.


Ultimately, ERP Collaborations’ assessment services aim to provide a clear roadmap for organisations to unlock greater cooperative efficiency, enhanced data-driven decision-making and to foster a more agile, responsive business model capable of competing in the fast-paced market of today—and tomorrow.




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